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Using Multiple Devices

Our system has a security feature when your account is being accessed by more than one device (ie. laptop, phone, desktop, tablet).

1. When you attempt to login with new device, you may see a message on the login screen saying “We don’t recognize this device - confirm this device by entering the code in the email we sent you.” A text box will be displayed to enter the confirmation code.

2. Our system will send you a notification email with a confirmation code that is valid for 24 hours. The confirmation code is specific to the device in which you are attempting to login.

3. If you have closed the login page, try to login again and when prompted, enter the confirmation code you received in your email and click Confirm Device. Your new device is now approved. You do not need to do this again for this approved device.

The same process must be done for each new device in which you want to provide access to your account.